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Listen: "What can I do if get pulled over after drinking?"

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No Cotts we've got a date with the question about DUI hey they're in what can i do i get Pulled over after drinking look it's important for people to be responsible in their behavior but that said It's not eligble to have a drinking alcohol and drive but if you get stopped are going to be asked a series of questions by The Police stuff like When did you start breaking When did you stop are you feeling the effects of the alcohol all of these questions are designed to do one thing give the prosecutor material that they need to can pick you win core so remember the right to remained silent only helps you if you just exercise it be polis be Kwon apart it and feel free to blame me say I don't want to answer any questions without my lawyer call them at on eight hundred no cops hit thanks for the call if you're ever in trouble call us at one eight hundred.