The Science (And History) Of Why Stitches Need To Be Kept Dry

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somewhere around the early nineteen sixties we switched from sucks it's is to non-state is and then in the late seventies to something hope rolling states is and these are very very different but you know what even to this day. Lot of doctors television's keep the ones dry now I'm sure you've rather given the shower the next day after surgery now and use of clean you feel better and things look better but if you're told to keep the incidence dry it's really a painter so let's let's see what the science behind this turns out that way back in nineteen eighty one one of my professors of Harvard by the name of Dr Joel no published a study, and he took a bunch of people who he took malls off of then half of those people he told him keep the incidents dry don't get it went and the other happy said yeah and Charlotte you normally with every day and get when patent dry and he looked at the infection rate after surgery any looked at the quality of this car about a year so after the procedure. And on the whole there was no difference between the infection Ray and no difference in the quality of this car well you know they people I guess have to say having said