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Listen: "I sat there stunned watching Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State the way that they did"

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Dilip Vishwanat
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That Michigan State wasn't their tonight they were supposed to be that was you know gone back to Friday very dramatic gave and with the Jets I did that they're fun watching Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State the way they did but it was a you know Middle Tennessee ran out of gas you know they they they played we game of their lives to beat Michigan State and then went back to being Middle Tennessee tonight that didn't have any answers for Syracuse said you know I think you did a great job on Dating to Friday at that their defense very well but in need to game contain gluten you know I think you know he PP came via more often go there there probably a little better equipped to attack it because you know million you get into the non conference environment turn the team could don't you win don't have a lot of time to prepare for you with I think a little bit different when you're playing a team but they're cute Ok but why does that applies for the ACC but not say the pack twelve and has one teams standing all war Big twelve but also got seventeen of extend teams the end well I I just under talking about his duties is taken particular because of the style of defense they clay then with the athlete could be used to play eight of their harder to prepare for but for non conference team than they are free to eighteen could be became the pyrrhic us every year so they have a better idea what what coming when they play down love but the pedigree turned a pretty ET and they pad I think Syracuse being Dayton is the only time bet is there with a lower seeded team of the ATP that one cle they are playing to the level of their feet in their avoiding me up phenom like some of the the other Li Na the pack twelve in particular now the couple organ laughed and they had a real battle tonight contain Joes you know the Big twelve or the Big twelve light still has to retrieve into still left but Baylor when our early West Virginia went out early Baylor for the second year in a row going out early and that was the bet was particularly surprising because you know Yale with playing short-handed many Kicker capping off thirteen the week before the NPO late tournaments and yet go out rebounded Baylor beat Baylor Nike not that to me it probably but second big it the pride being result of the tournament so far beyond the tried Middle Tennessee beat Michigan State Jerry Palmer in Saint Louis covering the turn him and will head to the Chicago regional well his have to head there at home for him hours with a Milord here on CBS Sports Radio.