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Listen: "Celtics are also off until next Tuesday when they resume in Indiana"

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Maddie Meyer
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Your first place Boston Bruins with three one winners over the Islanders yesterday it will next play Tuesday night San Jose against jumbo Jonah shards as they start a four game road trip to catch twenty-five saves yesterday David after not with two goals and again the Bruins a first place in the Atlantic Division Celtics are also opportunities Tuesday when they resume and Indiana looks like they may have dodged a bullet Jae Crowder ankle injury being called a high ankle sprain during the third quarter of Friday night's loss to the Houston Rockets we find ways you know right now up their fourteen game winning streak his selection Sunday in college basketball these tournaments on a local College's in high schools today at all This Week want to crack they're yearned WEEI read Stockton Campbell would Rick Porcello on the mound for Charlotte three home runs for the Reds not yesterday for the Marlins and a loss.