Listen: "Quarterbacks with multiple championships in the agent free agency in the NFL "

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Maddie Meyer
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I think it will be sure was always against repaid meaning it's a Texans fan his here with all is always find a way to win accuse person in the other team played against what you think you should put all he was always a comeback kill in the fourth quarter to go meaning there's the kid he was almost like a petition and I think you heard think that's part of that too we could be harder for teams to lose multiple championships in quarterbacks with multiple championships in the agent free agency the NFL's look the team to the there have been great they always change from your era because because it cornerstones of the team made the players believe go to a better place where they can get what living elsewhere so if you like for you may never seen a guy kid all told championships I could Pearl Brady will be having for some a quarterback who we've seen in the past just because free agents well that's again play in Manning Awards the only one to ever win a Super Bowl titles with two different franchises as a quarterback and so you're right free agency changes things we are fresh blood every year in the postseason I'm glad you brought up the game winning drives he has more of those than any other quarterback in history fifty fixed event to his credit and forty-five comeback wins winds a team.