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New Research Finds Yoga Improves Chronic Back Pain

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Joe Raedle
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Eight fifty two the time now and if you're yo deal listen up if you're not now back pain lesson up yoga may help me with more than just nonis day and your back could thank you for at new research good is as effective as physical therapy for trading chronic lower back pain a study founded yogi improves function controls pain and reduces the need for medication a study focused on people with high pain levels and subjected them to trained yoga sessions for twelve weeks followed by fifty two weeks of followup care those who stuck with yoga reported reduce crane levels and they were able to reduce their use of opie awards and other medications the cbs news see it said heavy out those with a hyde pain threshold a new twist them up like a proposal i have a high pain threshold so i d probably pretty good at them i actually think yogi is probably good with a had more time i've tried yoga a couple times and it's not a lot harder than atlanta lee is a workout if you can hit yet again a big it's all you know it before and in august and that not only is now you tip your cap to those they can do it not just about stretch is about building muscles i'll be ignored that player you want to go the bevy covered by bright euro and i'm done wall street this morning that now out one hundred twenty five points now is down one thirty day in the as the p five hundred has grown my in this game fresno's morning news.