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Listen: "One candidate from whom you did not hear on the campaign trail in Nevada is former Governor Jeb Bush"

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Spencer Platt
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Left now out of the race for the White House you're the ballot selection headquarters the Republican presidential hopeful spending the next two days do with the meet and greet in Nevada here Steve fodder meant for Donald Trump it's all about the momentum we're going to keep winning we're going to make American played again after his initial second-place finish in Iowa Trump is now convincingly won two straight primary HS in New Hampshire and this past weekend in South Carolina now he hopes for a third straight victory here in tomorrow's Nevada carcass and with from continuing to dominate the race the biggest bad look the moment maybe the battle for second place between Marco Rubio intent Kruger's as they each try to emerge as trumps main Challenger they were both in the Valley yesterday asking supporters to take part in the carcass y needs are vote I Matthew to vote for me on Tuesday and then it with its standard in this Barkley Lott and changed the outcome of the Nevada caught the current public opinion polis here in the batter's show Trump in the lead Steve Letterman CBS News Las Vegas one candidate from whom you did not here on the campaign trailing Nevada is former Governor Jeb Bush he suspended his presidential bid following a poor showing in this weekend South Carolina primary and here is what he told his supporters I'm proud of the campaign that we've run to you to fire country and advocate conservative solutions there would give more Americans the opportunity to rise up in Reese their God-given potential but the people of Iowa in New Hampshire in South Carolina have spoken and I really respect their decision so I am suspending my campaign bringing it back to state news this six miles stretch of State route ninety one in Corona has reopened after Week in closure for a bridge demolition we talked about this on Friday the closure dubbed Corona get that to help get the word out began Friday night the one point four billion dollar project began back in twenty fourteen.