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Listen: Ryan Fitzpatrick leave the end you didn't tell me how much better they're gonna be without I'm getting close

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Ryan Fitzpatrick leave the end you didn't tell me how much better they're gonna be without I'm getting close they're threat but Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the main reasons why that team won 10 games and he was the main reason why they're not in play well with the last time you're team won 10 games not that two thousand and ten becomes the defense yeah okay but he just a Birdie was of Alaskan cornerback they hadn't New York far hey Sanchez had some sense at the fashion as does is Sanchez was far in history shows what so the tumble He then those also as my favorite by the way declare 5 for cool cat Kirk wouldn't you call cool captain Kirk sorry he has a nineteen trouble down but his 19 touchdowns and two interception in his last eight games that was the stat but I couldn't pull out of fear their sorry about that just a clarify some times the nerd alert doesn't quite get through so my has said was going to be Rex Ryan's revenge but that I can do that because that's the fade they I was thinking about the month is humans revenge i felt I was gonna go yeah it is growth Maddow grows It was I'm gonna go not go Rex Ryan's revenge is that I'm gonna go well this is not alliteration notices the problem I mean if they Eric buried air varies triumph because that's my favorite story I talked about this on CBS this morning on Saturday that my favorite story and they have all season is by far the fact that Aaron Berry went there nine months of treatment provides confirm foam on an has now returns to be a Pro Bowl safety an the Chiefs have won 10 straight an don't tell me that you have a huge part to do with that an them having him back be inspired by him those types of things go such a long way and so it doesn't have alliteration but it still my favorite thing about this NFL season Eric varies trial i I like that we get and we get eight five five two one two four two two seven is the number at 8 a radio on Twitter one years then they hash tags P It's After hours with Amy Lawrence.