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Listen: "Thankfully there is agriculture assessment that for farmers it does make taxes a little more affordable"

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Dan Kitwood
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I think it that they really there is agriculture assessment that for Farmer's it does help make me taxes a little bit more affordable I think just scene and I boat I would say that one of the most effective Strategies for helping to make farmland more affordable and particularly in places like the Hutson value that have faced so much pressure frown developments on from folks were not not farming it but you know buying arms and that you know increased the price of of a given Un farm is is conservation on them feel farmland conservation this is happen on Long Island as well so I throw set to both future Steen and Lynn see what's the best part of being a Farmer they're there are many many best parts that slam hesitating I I think that connection with the land and the people that we feed it's just an so invaluable could not be replicated anywhere else and it's an absolutely a vital part to growing our family and our community and he knows Bryant hit said once his passion is to grow the best best food so it's it's challenging but it's really something to strive for and.