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The Excitement In Bill Nye's Voice On The Akatsuki Spacecraft And His Words Of Inspiration Will Get You Pumped

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Noam Galai Michael Buckner Getty Images Handout Bill Ingalls/NASA NASA
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the spacecraft was five years ago in this is the Roman had the solar say which the game don't Windsor call acronym cuts furloughs hate craft becoming craft welcome you do displays but this thing which they were really low just a bear store around the sun, and so just Wendy anything will win willing to roster Ste having Goodwyn dunk thought four or five years and Russian plan a woman in Japan figure that out and Nejad indoor but around having us, a little bit more but much bigger them was originally intended but they got it around they must buy that's just kind of all this that optimism it comes your space exploration but I find so wonderful am sets in example for the rest of life that's right ok Bob stick where that make it happen let's go people do some cool