Do Spices Literally Spice Up Your Life?

'Veggie Queen' Jill Nussinow speaks about the health benefits of certain herbs and spices, like turmeric and cinnamon, which are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins - and taste good too.

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"In India they use lots of spices, many that we don't use and they have the lowest incidence of Alzheimer's."

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Spices, talk about spices, the antioxidants in spices are tremendous aren't they? - They are amazing, you know I am amazed by them at all times, in herbs and spices, I mean the most antioxidants that you can get anywhere, I mean even compared to like blueberries, you know as a teaspoon of cinnamon equals the amount of antioxidants in a half cup of blueberries. Which is amazing so I do add a lot of herbs and spices to my food, I think it makes a difference, everybody is on this turmeric kick, and turmeric is the main thing that you find in curry, curry powder that's yellow, and it is an amazing spice. But, I think that you have to think globally rather than just turmeric and think about you know, ways, because it makes your food tasty too, and so you are likely to eat more of this really good food if it tastes really good. - True, true. I mean all of them, that's the funny thing, I couldn't just say oh no that spice isn't good or that herb isn't good, they all play a part and it is interesting because in India they use lots of spices, many that we don't use and they have the lowest incidence of Alzheimer's. Now it's not a cold, but, its all related and I really do think a lot of the chili powder, because it is made from peppers which have a huge amount of vitamin C and vitamin A, that using those spices, it doesn't have to be hot it can be mild chili powder can help you too.