Listen: "Mark Sanchez better not be your guy"

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Doug Pensinger
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Mark Sanchez better not the your got if that's your hang in your hat on it Scully along on season S nothing in Sanchez Sanchez one of my favorites NFL guys just as far as actual character is is concerned because there's not enough good quality character guys out there Sanchez is certainly one of them Mannion good family do it awesome guys while those guys yet she wants to root for try not to have much of a rooting interest doing this job professionally but Sanchez's a guy that you want to now who are they going to get to be the number one cap or Nick really he's forgot how to play football okay in the last guy to show up first got a leave you know thing is caught up with them you know it's more about what goes on during the offseason off the field then what actually goes under the off season in the preparation get ready for what happens on the field but we'll see what direction Denver goes and Ryan Fitzpatrick I D like that well Brock Osweiler is gone Peyton Manning is gone Denver certainly essence things to be able to sort out eight five five three two three four I'm BC or get us up on Twitter at Busch leagues NBC one of my favorites.