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Try This Simple And Delicious Pear Cocktail Recipe From Liquor Expert Heather Storm

Actress, TV host on Garage Squad, entrepreneur and liquor expert Heather Storm shares her simple and delicious pear cocktail recipe which she says is perfect for holiday parties and summer time.

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"I really try to use things that are as seasonal as possible"

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Let's go through the ingredients again. So it started with, you started with the pear. - Yes, two to three slices of pear, a little bit soft is preferred, so you can... - Just the meat? - Just the pear meat and we'll mash it up. And then we add two, one to two leaves of sage. - Right. - Three quarter ounces of lemon juice and then just an inch of stevia. The stevia is so way. - Oh my gosh stevia is so concentrated that's why you really can't fake with it because there's no, you know, you can't like, if it's something calls for a cup of sugar, a cup of stevia would put you in the hospital. - It is not a one to one ratio. - No, not at all. So just a tiny little. - Dash of stevia goes a long way and it makes it, it just gives it, it balances out that lemon in there that the heartiness that's necessary. - Right. - You need a little bit of that citrus in the cocktail to balance it out. - Right. - And then we added an ounce and a half of vodka and we shook it up nice and good and drinking it down. - This is a very refreshing drink, this should be great for summer too, wouldn't it? - That's very true, I really try to use things that are seasonal as possible. - Yeah. - So that's why the pears go with right now and to the pomegranate drink that goes with right now, so just, just keeping it as local and seasonal as possible.