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Listen: "Kasich is up by eleven, Cruz by four and I think Trump trails by nine"

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Joe Raedle
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Side with the Bernie Sanders he's been everybody of social his Scott Al embarrassing is that but he you know head-to-head case it does better does buried a many offs given these guys events on the fringe of any therein Bennett spotlight again scrutinized like Trump Oakland in the early going in I I mean we we she just tell you that Casey is up by eleven it is Cruz by four and I think Trump trails by nine is going to come down to the battleground states well right now trumpets losing eleven of twelve but we got to get to work I mean we got to get the city with exceed the fight you know enough of the trading let's see the bite and for the most part Donald Trump has not been able to shake Ted Cruz yet so and Hillary Clinton can really pivot as of the last ten days but to go against but Trump and they are concerned about Trump I know that for certain thanks Patrick tours is losing online in California they Tourist but I was number so it's a great show that come at a mid Trump supporter and you know the Poll Do showing that but at the same time look you know the opposition just like you said a moment ago we have so much opposition even our own party is fighting against him continue to prevail you know if we can get behind him and come a new innovative think.