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The Scientifically-Proven Reason The Person You're Arguing Politics With Is Irrational (And So Are You)

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the study was done in two thousand six and it was published in the journal a cognitive neuroscience andwith they did was they study the no roll Curley its of political judgment an decision making city used FM are I, to study the brain activity of thirty men and half of those men were described they self described a strong Republicans any other half or strong Democrats, the men were tasked with assessing statements by both George W Bush an John Kerry an the statements were ones really can't it's clearly contracted themselves there's no doubt you know is is very clear there were they were saying contradictory things. Suddenly assessments the Republicans were critical of Carrie and Democrats were critical a bush but neither blood let their own they all at their own Canada off the hook, so Republicans noticed when John Kerry was inconsistent Democrats knows the Bush was the wondering candidates it response Miami need excuses for them so it the best part of is there to me was the near imaging results they showed that the part of the brain that's missed a sushi towith reasoning with inactive, just active was the part of the brain processes emotions, so what you're saying is nature and politics people's brains turn off right yeah and what the the study had darker Weston said way is the results suggest that the notion of partisan reason is in oxymoron an this time partisan steal their way there police smiling these they're thinking caps.