Listen: "With the quarterback situation, with The Broncos, which I still just don't know what they're going to do"

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Al Messerschmidt
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Know anything about Indiana maybe so so me like wrote Paul George award for during a lock remembered with The Broncos some things I just got what hitting thinking What in the world they doing so I like I like right now he's gonna help us with the with the quarterback situation with The Broncos which I still did I don't know what they're going to do but you know what I do when asked him oh listen I don't I don't see this as to pick on Bronco fans because all fan bases do this but it is a really interesting phenomenon what when you when you get when there's a player let's say whether it's Johnny man Zeller Robert Griffin the third Mark Sanchez or something like that especially at the quarterback position who has had from failures and doesn't played particularly well and is kind of the butt of jokes around the league you've join it right when it when everybody's who won in Holland about this guy stinks of those guys a disgrace in this guy's awful whatnot but the moment your team makes a deal to bring him on your team but we'll start spending in You go well you know what maybe won't be so bad actually he's got some skills actually is a very talented person actually I think you'll do very well I think under this system he'll be a Pro Bowler but you just start morphing year opinions into this idea that what you know you're you're basically making lemonade out of a pile eleven the were just handed him and I star I'm starting to see that in Denver a little bit but I don't know what did glory hits going on in the city with Mark Sanchez marks the bringing a lot of Mark Sanchez should be laughable he laughable but under sure ensures the simply systems maybe he can be a success for The Broncos maybe you can do what they're looking for I don't know.