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After Hours with Amy Lawrence Covering: Kerr, Andy Dalton Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, John Elway [Dec 24 2015]

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And there's a might sound crazy but I like her cousins I've been Kerr cousins those is he ever gonna be Tom Brady year John Elway era dimmer it no But could he be Andy Dalton Carson Palmer and yeah and that will do this year that's not that bad this you know by the way did you did you see the little story where Kirk cousins has a file the trademark that little yeah I like that very Johnny Football it's also very RG three event yeah bomb my third guy in this list on legal Collins have predict cause I think he's got some ability this week I think he could do something i would then go brought toss while He's a big guy he's just can start you see plays well early ages Easy call shop he's not gonna be a terrible only easy be available either i would then go boy now comes out though RG three Bradford I would argue three used to think it could be more side I think you could we warm sent Sam Bradford How about this that it's Sam Bradford place three different team this team next year that's not the film of Eagles He would become the first ever number one overall pick is a quarterback the play through three teams in his first seven years Elvis that that's as something that said something and then I would go you know I don't pick pick you're poison it Peyton Manning in an an giant ends up which I means on the bottom but says I mean when the listening those And while John Hanzal fan and that's why last year's team is a quarterback who you one eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven leading by westbound like it i mean you know you know I have polar opposite opinions on man's ao yes besides on-base they wished you Plouffe reply my team does near quarterback I don't know that any those options are better then fence a scene that's it an I have so many on Twitter hit me about what the Jets and Fitzpatrick yeah you know he once he wants Utah longtime put act I don't mean you need the guys coming out on necessarily answer long-term coming out in in the draft you trade up the gap not only any these guys edges Maine's okay even the guys at the top of the list though Drew Brees you know the big maintaining a me Kirk cousins could be dance along to but only two thinks right now I think right dispatch catchy gives the Jets the best option for next year while trying to figure out what to do moving fall I think I agree with that unless the one thing you you did the top name on that list if Drew Brees is actually available it be hard for me to say that fits a better option than fair enough that's fair Danny on Twitter says if we come Brees that's a ten million dollar trap it would be stint with the Saints a pay ten million through player that's not on the roster fair enough it's thirty million dollar hit so it's not that easy the decision end I think on global great point who's that coach David Sean Payton I think you've gotta be all win if you gonna let Sean Payton walk and then that becomes the next question all by the way is shame is Sean Payton walks away through Malone Saints Sean Payton will be unemployed for all 17 seconds okay and then you had forget about teams lining up their quarterback is gonna be lining up for champagne and their assuring coaches out there shopping becomes available i have the real two's number ready and start dial in if unit is my passion if you're a name is i hate this it Rex Ryan let's see if you're in its cheaper Kelly if you name is Jeff Fisher if you name is Jim Tom Hume law An Sean Payton becomes available finding realtor But Avila pages here's my to favor champion rumors Giants that's you know the one about Cowboys when I said yeah I missed that he had that I did say this guy is income Bobby right an annual affair interest if he goes and if he goes the Giants okay Drew Brees State is is not some with him if you don't know how this Drew Brees not going with him now so they will split up if he goes to one of those but the driving the Giants Z tree or something i think side ascent Knapp eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven Quarterback he wants to team what you're Christmas wish list to three routine around fleet what's to favor Christmas gift a holiday gift of all time.