Listen: "Why was he just waiting around for Peyton Manning to make a decision"

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Justin Edmonds
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Good luck with that and you know he's going to a team with a really good he said the running back you've got up career Wide Receiver so maybe there's a busier Andy Dalton situations there was no both The Broncos though he's been out but you know you have to get acclimated to teammates and a new team are they got a minute left tonight that may not be enough time so I try to answer this is quickly as you can my friend John Elway Y giving you just go Payton numb Simon Brock to a great deal and I'm sorry but good luck to you and thanks a lot why was he just waiting around for Peyton Manning to make a decision get Brock Osweiler signed Intel people this is what you're doing you ended up losing him over over waiting around usually Philly I don't think that's that's why they lost I think osweiler gone before that signed him before they couldn't signed him we'll well before it well they did well I upset for the could've signed him last off the threw for three to five billion dollars year they could have signed they knew he was going to be a free agent they just never thought of play and every game he played he stopped let up an up enough order bat stirred a premium quarterback to write an absolute premium and it yeah look UTEP did under the offseason last year it added for three to five million dollars I don't think it had anything to do with it we don't retiring and it into the season I I still think that they they could have made a attractive offer to only loses team well they may have attractive offer they off he's really a year that fact with eight eight my man thanks a lot is always appreciate it every so he will Renato Tara mom I sports radio on the Denver Broncos quarterback situation is still way way up in the air.