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Myth Or Fact? There Are More Rats Than People In New York City 

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Could along or soon be over and jason monthly south associate professor lowry and fordham university welcome to the show take stamp thanks but to be for having a little pam today a lot of things we think we know but brats are and check complete mets jason what are some of the biggest mets you come across i think one of the biggest misses specifically in new york city is that there as many are more reps than people that's almost certainly a gross over estimate refs are not everywhere there are pockets of rats they're persistent and you know comprise large investigations they're not occupying you know every every kid where meter has any city well that's the problem units almost impossible to estimate the population citywide i would say somewhere in the mid to high hundreds of thousands of play if i had estimate so i know where closer like it million or ten million or sixty nine or any of these yeah numbers hear about still pretty number so what are some of the what are some more to come limit their does that they have a fully classical skeletons thing and squeezed through a nice you know any space smythe a quarter they can actually squeezed a small faces like that but they're not collapsing their skeleton they're just long and skinny cam a rate presidential election.