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Listen: "LeBron James knows the regular season means nothing"

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Kevin C. Cox
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It's got that with you it over to me on NBC Sports Radio NBC Sports Radio dot com the stat for LeBron is it ever since you went back to Cleveland so over the past two years there are four in fifteen with it out that's not just this year this year one five without him it's all this year and lashed remember last year he missed that time with the than the were just took two weeks off just a I guess relaxed when LeBron James knows the regular season means nothing he's got to the point in his career with the Red list he understands he knows the game regular season basketball means nothing eight two game grind get to the three month playoffs and when the Cavaliers to their credit they or a different team right now in the NBA Playoffs and they were the regular season eight no now as they have quickly disposed of the first two rounds opponents and now they'll wait to see who they will play Miami or Toronto in the Eastern Conference finals then they'll get by then rather quickly and see who they face in the NBA Finals whether it's The Warriors or Spurs wore Thunder eight five five three two three four NBC eight eight five five three two three four six two to It's gonna saves.