Listen: "I was a senior in high school when they drafted Calvin Johnson"

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Doug Pensinger
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Are you know naming and good I you know winds and at which might into p forte insisted even on top of it run and the team get not so much the star level players but just a lot of depth get good players alert to build around the Stars anything that you know happened in the year two thousand sixteen I sink workhorse win a lot of people think i think you're free I couldn't get a left tackle and leake will rally reached to right tackle for text after Thunder offense still has left it I mean Golden Tate can make fade after the catch Erick Aybar honor to commit to the next another step in took a step lesser to take another step you know mismatch nightmare and you know Redick if they play a more feel more balanced I think the problem Joe Lombardi if you're in a leader Don't it wouldn't be aware that really good players you have all the right at their what our butt I try to tally doesn't here not to miss the Nats average not to miss Megatron I know that's not return obviously it you know what I said to watch until quality ninety six and sixth and seventh so I don't really remember the barriers the tail end of very maybe it so what Don't I was senior High School only drafted Calvin Johnson watch holds career Nick amazing I made a lot of fun watching not in the mix so much you know what new England other teams they can win I still think you do need a wore number one was here but the shifty guys make things happen after the catch yeah I mean it's it's not as though it sounds that you can't win without a star wide receiver a lot of the depends on the quarterback I Matt Kemp to be able to raise the level of play and the guys around him so Matt Stafford he shows flashes of brilliance to be sure but he's also been helped out by having a Megatron alongside it's so it will be interesting to see what happens mean day as you say have issues that need to be addressed not just all I know on that day wide receiver and replacing Megatron production but also on the offered to flying to end and down Maps averages of veteran now he's old enough he's had enough experience he's he's got to he's got to be able to shifted to that next to mode to help the Lions to I think so feed just I appreciate the phone call from Green Bank eight five five two one-two four to two seven Paul is in Baltimore welcomed after our CBS sports radio.