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Comedian Ron Placone's Thoughts, Rants And Cold Coffee On Bigot Borrowing, NASCAR And Will Forgo...

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Radio from nashville play guys raw foot on him welcome to another edition of bouncer lansing called calm fee that's right the old format is bad donald trump junior made it tough week comparing syrian refugees to skittles night you probably heard about that what you might not have heard of as that he actually stole that sentiment from conservative top show host joe well in the land of right wing top radio this is referred to as they get meijer owing it's not a surprise the french right would you skittles as an example there probably not dance after all skittles slogan used to be taste the rainbow according to the kennedy's george h w bush is voting for hillary clinton it makes sense you can't blame the guy mean he does remember the last time there was a republican in the white house former vp game will does support donald trump in trump is a big fan of is he said he's thrown about than wealth endorsement after all the end is named after his favorite type of play hillary clinton is an open letter to all the wells fargo customers that were victim of the banks phantom account for on customers relieved to find down she wasn't blaming them pried away wells fargo more like will forgo getting your permission to open these accounts and then charges z's foreign mask are not hit with the discrimination lawsuit for allegedly trying to endure efforts to bring racial diversity in to the racing world mask our lives there diversity the same way they like their tracks going in circles and not moving forward in anyway whatsoever last in another addition knots raising paul coffey this is romp look known signing outs.