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Listen: "You got to spend the money to defend ourselves, and whatever happened to Will Smith"

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Jason Merritt
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Said yell we need to get he's got in a use everything plus the back story was willing to was reluctant to take I take them up one anyway because at the time and Larsson was suing them for the record night me on my streak because of their movies Knight so we'll and then was light you got to spend the money to defend ourselves and whatever have the Will Smith I know that I have then again because he was Wright's ability wasn't that bad all that was a lot went to him realignment when you go to a point in life for you've got in everything you wanted to get thinking you're going to be happy model actors wife yeah could be on a husband husband of a Hollywood how yeah but you deserve the wrong naming a forgot the big it was the right move now on me me from all my children I was a character only three the guys I got to win anyway with that just giving everything I mean we did it all got it all but still not happy you know and and and get to a point where slight you just lose but I was and I was happy I was too happy and yeah was a problem people are going to have a place and I had a praying grandmother and a pouring fall than.