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Listen: "We're down to just one game in the NFL season"

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Christian Petersen
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What do you taking away from championship Sunday were down the just one game any NFL feed then Broncos then the Panthers the top he put on a flea anything but in easy conventional so we have to get to this point we really impressed with the Panthers growth the maturity even from the divisional round to the game against the Cardinals A week later there were no tight but The Panthers were relentless from start to finish to the point where an I'd actually already tweeted about six take away is at me how many points 49 points which is the most ever in NFC Championship an then lo and behold there's another interception Panthers never took their foot off the gas never an even from week to week you could see the team grow up Nick Shore learn and from what happen against the Seahawks in the mistakes that they had made an as a the Broncos i've told his before still can't believe they were the number one seed hard to believe they went 12 and four with as many all offensive issues as they had all season No matter who is under center whether was broadcast lower whether was Peyton Manning B L line had been porous which I know Patriots win to identify with the run game would show up every now and then An receive areas with big drops made the mayor is Thomas a season to forget for him number one receiver from the Denver Broncos any even again on Sunday dropping big passes crucial balls dropping them not getting separation with his defensive backs anymore so it's been a rough season Brigham areas Thomas about they only one so there's been inconsistent see from they all fans everybody involved and yet the Broncos defense continues to come up with big play after big play after big play sets the tone physical aggressive then boy who weighed Philips looks like a genius with his game plan maybe maybe Bart a bit from the Jets' hit Brady early Austin every time make it difficult for him i do it without having to bring the house The Broncos won their individual match-ups in the trenches but also the personnel that Wade Phillips had to be able to pull off the game plan they put in place that's the brilliance of the Broncos it's been their defense all year long just enough points to get by cause you gotta points to win But the Broncos defense has been the story from start to finish what what do you take away from championship Sunday.