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Listen: "Butler, Duke, I think was the last time I was really pulling for Butler"

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Kevin C. Cox
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And you know there are some good talent to watch but yeah like he set overall best wasn't a good for years and in ninety-nine point nine percent of the of the national championships I walk all heck even the final Forza watch I don't have a rooting interest anything I just watch to watch Yeah not pulling for Team I I usually don't have the the the championship bracket you know or anything like that so not waiting for that I'm not really rooting for anybody I'm just watching him to just sort of enjoyed Butler Duke I think was less never really pulling for Butler Chi one that story complete other than I just watch to watch and I think when you have that the basketball quality I don't think is a Bigger deal as people make it out to people talk more Jerry Jones next the newest baby listen to my blew a move No in the play.