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Listen: "Do you think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like CTE"

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Jason Miller
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Visible resigns with CBS Sports minute brought to you by O Reilly auto parts better parts better Price's every day at it Congressional committee Roundtable called a broad review of concussions representative chants of Castillo of Illinois yesterday got the NFL to do something it has until now Stead vastly avoided chance NFL executive vice president of health and safety policy Jeff Miller Mr Miller do you think there is a link between football and the Jenner of brain just sort of like CTE Closer lead doctored he's research shows a number of retired NFL players are diagnosis ET so very the answer the question is certainly asked this marks the first time in NFL official has acknowledged such a line something Neuro surgeon Mitch burger a league consultant had denied last month so why is the NFL changing of fans that's really the billion dollar question is fumble Marseille.