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Listen: "To be there and we're going to have that conversation" VAN JONES RADIO PODCAST

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Taylor Weidman
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To be there and we're going to have that conversation not because we think that everybody got or agree but we've got to start now at least trying to listen and to understand and jones eight o'clock central tonight on see and then the message true this is the now as show november there's always been a divide in our country and and and for me it just it seems like we we there almost vis a vis a point where somebody says are let's give this guy a chance i don't think he's given in and it i don't think anybody's given donald trump a chance what has he done you not even office yet and we're blaming all assad i'm well i think you have to give it a president a chance because i mean you you give him a pass on everything and when you start to up with all right and the cabinet like steve than and do you really here's a lot of people yeah you're not just serving the president when you go to work in the white house your serving the president he and the american people and usually have a pretty high standard here also young donald trump is you know he's he's done some great stuff was with the carrier deal but we only have one president at a time and when you start changing you know our policy with regard to china and russia before you even been sworn in that also on federal people so i you know i i i think we've got to listen we're all in our own bubble around i think it's like with and he's been and they were talking ervin jones i'm in like i'm i'm not here supporter ban i'm i realize some of the stuff was quite in scenario there was post on bright part dot com but he.