Listen: "M.C has occasionally put guys out there but not if the rate"

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Not to mention now Aaron Gordon Adam eighty Yeah not to mention a quarterback in New England patriots so yeah emcee has occasionally put guys out there but not if the raved about the way speak him all this Peninsula south bay stuff is Franson like working out with the team I don't think so I can about him just the other day it I'm doing it for a long time has been suffer pretty long they extended career no doubt and Wonder and I don't know but I don't know where you have to go spot track but I bet she's made quite a bit of money to check and I'm sure he's done fine to see has a one-on-one make he debuted in the bigs in those six and wound up playing all the way to twenty fifteen back with the Achilles from the Achilles nine years in the bigs a career two fifty eight hitter and then there's nothing that nothing to sneeze at fifteen career bombs including one off a Zito that we saw in Canada and so yeah I mean say desert nine year big league career man to guys let's see here as far salary does speak on in his career he made three point one million y and that's what I have to say I mean that Look I'm not to pulling three million box but I would have said way north of that his it well let's say he made three eighty three ninety seven four ten eight fifty his big payday was an twenty-four team a nine hundred with the Nats okay I am and I learned moon that that works simply hammered came to mean is that we want to give you a slight Rays and to nine hundred geez I just everywhere I just be leaking everywhere Patrick Roy decidedly of a nine hundred thousand or the phrase expense creeps only Tommy this that no matter how much money you make you will spend all of it and is likely won't you won't just sit down on a pile of cash OK I'm be like I have so much cash look at all my cash yeah no matter.