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Listen: "If we're going to be Donald Trump, we've got to come together we've got to come united"

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Benjamin Krain
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Yes aura News I'm Round Rock strutted Cruz relishing his two wins tonight in main and Kansas what if we're going to be Donald Trump we've got to come together we've got to come united and our campaign is the one campaign that is beaten Donald not wants not twice but in seven different states across the country but Donald Trump's taken Louisiana in Kentucky contests in says now it's time for Marco Rubio to bow out of race for what it's worth Cruz won the C pack straw poll this weekend with forty percent Marco Rubio got thirty percent and Trump twenty percent meanwhile Hillary Clinton wins Louisiana Bernie Sanders takes Kansas and the brass go I want to congratulate center Sanders for running a strong campaign I am thrilled where adding to our pledge delegate town I'm grateful that everyone who turned out to support us Clint men Sanders will face off tomorrow night at a debate in Flint Michigan with Republicans having another go on Thursday from Miami all ahead of the March fifteenth primaries in those two states along with Florida misery North Carolina and Elena light also it s around news dot com.