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NASCAR's Dale Jr's Shocked Reaction To The Massive Crash Behind Him

Audio from NASCAR racing car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr's radio as he watches a terrible crash in his rear-view mirror.

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Oh no! Oh my god! Holy sh*t, that looked awful.

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I gotta play this for you, this is the audio from Dale Earnhardt Jr's car while this is happening. Remember, Junior won the race, and he was seeing all this in his rear-view mirror. Take a listen to this:  Big Ace calling on 48, he's coming in here, coming to your left, check the bottom, checkered flag right here, big wreck in your mirror, big wreck in your mirror. Oh no! Oh my god! Holy sh*t, that looked awful. Yeah, buddy, it's pretty bad. Oh no, oh my f***** god man, did you see that. That's Dale Junior as that was happening, you know how I was saying, the tone in their voice, was oh my god, this guy's dead? You kind of here that there. This is the kind of class Dale Junior is though, this is Dale Junior after he got halfway around the track: All the drivers are good, and everybody's good in the grandstand, yeah, Austin's out of the car, and I don't see anybody really hurt in the grandstand, there's no real commotion or anything, I think everything's good, maybe just a couple of little minor pieces.