Listen: "After gaining some early momentum in Hollywood awards season, The Big Short had lost some traction this month"

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Jason Merritt
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The Big Short gain some much needed Oscar equity by receiving the producers killed of America's highest a film award at a la sensuous ceremony Saturday night after gaining some early momentum in Hollywood so word season The Big Short had Wasm traction this month when it failed to win the top prizes at the Golden Globes or the critics choice award so the word season gearing up very nice power you're shoulders this morning by the way you know what hurts is my hands and wrists Lohan's a killing a today hands yet myth off for arms and and lower back Monday at oboe end of one earlier not alone in millions of people by Dylan this you know I I cave and bought Ace no blower did work Friday afternoon it did but I had been using at times as a battery ram yeah tonight there's no doubt it would hire the mouth lovely lives mobile unbelievable saying they Jim twenty-three.