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Listen: "Kobe Bryant is the best player in LA Lakers history"

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So you know it's got a music British I was lucky it's not here are style I love it Friday reaction a season Ahl I get now you love it whatever works whatever whatever you get to write what do you have for us I truth or be asked Kobe Bryant is the best player in LA Lakers history I'm gonna go OPS on that there's not only is Magic Johnson a better player but Kareem Abdul jabbar was by far better player so I got those two guys that I've put over Colby in a heartbeat quick staff in a hurry that's complete be yes because there's a guy Chamberlain oh yeah forgot about yeah yeah that's pretty big to forget tumor if that some gets a bad even shack all Shaquille could compete with Coles I know you Q could be but on a good but Shaquille at a Colby spends it up the years and ally Adam thing to me I have ever to every years you have Cody your Take five off the three that he took off in a two that he winnings get his feet wet they get paid those years we'll get a payroll under billion dollars in those five years combined probably unfortunately you know what tumor was that he'd objectives five years you take over tax purposes The Lakers haven't taken.