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Listen: "Jeb Bush, we don't even want him to be part of the movie"

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Ethan Miller
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In that we've talked about Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and Birdie Sanderson Hillary Clinton and you know that most of the candidates who are still in the jump to six hasn't come out much but then he hasn't really come up but in the election either so I think it does mean something though that until now nobody has even come close myself included to mentioning Jeb Bush we don't even want to be part of the movie whenever he gets made and you know D funny is if they did have Alec Baldwin and up Clayton Donald Trump heavily Billy Baldwin played Jeb Bush just one of the the lesser Baldwin brothers should bring in Steven or something like that the guy who was famous for playing Barney rumble will bring in being to bring him in a Nevin played Jeb you know honestly Steven Baldwin he's just enough of a dark to be able to pull it off so Arrieta could actually work but if you have some ideas We've gotten some great suggestions is we mentioned on Facebook and one of the best I think is crisp in Glover in the role of Ted Cruz Ted Cruz is a tricky one to try to cast bide we've gotten some good suggestions from you if you want to participate that what you can if you wanna get in here on the show you can do that is well of some of the other possibilities well when you knew you go true with the kids table candidates and I still think well with even with the guy goal Chris Christie for example you need somebody to play him and it does anybody no If a guy who played the mayor in draws is still around just because honestly I know he's going to all of the play it now but still if there was ever anybody reminded me of Chris Christie from the movies it's that guy so now would be a half bad pick again you'd have to pad I'm up a little bit but still I don't think it mind so there's Ham Lindsay Graham was he willing that's where we give you tomorrow Street to see what else Carly Fiorina and she's a little tricky.