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Listen: "Both sides of the Democrats need to shape up and look at the reality of how bad this is"

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Marc Piscotty
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The call Jean tad in an Arbor Michigan ten got a minute to the broke it got a quick when Holder now I have to do the very short form short born is at the position when people get a devastating diagnosis it go to go to Wade one way is they realize that has the big deal we got to get the ball to the other reaction which I think it what's going on with the Democrat in baseball for an to reveal all things because they it made the reality by analogy of course is drop they can make that Kobe worry about belittle a square trying to play any a little bit they did you know they they micro focus on finger they could not control well they don't because they back in it devastating to deal with the reality and I think that's what both side to the Democrats need that they need to shape up being all of that both type of the Democrats need to keep up and look at the reality of how bad is it yeah yeah I think Donald Trump is next essential tried to the future the United States to America I don't I don't know how to say it on that end and frankly the entire Republican Party as be calm something close to that play at least in the future of small D democracy if it's ten thank you very well side and you know for as as well as a classy physician thank you for the volley appreciate twenty-eight minutes you're listening to the top when program called two zero two five three six two three seven zero.