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Listen: "Then there's a problem, when they are saying Japan in South Korea should have Nukes"

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Fister Friday so many I'm so many times in the fire that we've given him a first yet how does it get to abortion and how to get to that some that's getting to the death penalty goes in the two hots a little media yeah it is all but when he doesn't know we know how to pay for the Mexican wall when he doesn't know what to do whatever Grayson with three hot-button but nine items that have brought him to the forefront when it doesn't have elaborate on any of those said the spectre to anybody then there's a probably saying Japan in South Korea should have Nokes and they don't want them Um you know he is sounds again like a talk show host that's coming in with some bombastic ideas in its entertaining but that is why he thinks the Pacers were paying too much money or at least they should pay us for that which they do amenable we do get compensated by some of these countries for our military of the dollar it off worth as much as we think but but Japan doesn't want have Newk socks up to you want more Newk you want more countries I'd Phil nuclear weapon to feel more comfortable in Japan having no sense Saudi Arabia and Iran and that is going to happen than a clear League is going to expand whether we like it or not and there are certain nations I feel more comfortable when I feel comfortable which China having news like I think China possible with them to this point yes and also they should be the ones that baby said North Korea but they really should be they're issue cited saving all where involve him in there than Aybar Baker my stay I think crop this guy it was a do a lot of business with him so I think they should be the one to baby set but that's again where I'm coming on the edges was all by made twenty friends by the way whatever the other some friends of oh yeah ballistic stuff we send up some of nuclear missiles to Europe maybe well role in Paris and London but the wanting ballistic missiles short reigns longer isn't the doing a lot of things and you know that now the South Korean Army in the eye American.