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Listen: "Villanova goes on to win the NCAA championship"

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Ed Zurga
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Want it to be is it would event that play with the force in years to get the ball and make the right way and now it's not it's not it's not easy to blow a double comes does owns a lot about you know when news about he's a solid while winning all courtesy of the us would one NCAA radio network there you had the game winner from Chris Jenkins Jenkins crediting afterwards senior point guard Ryan RGV icono for getting him that fall within that four point seven second window for him to hit that Buzzer Beater Villanova goes on to win the NC Double a championship what a season for the Wildcats of head coach adjei right Seventy Seven to seventy-four and still thirty minutes after the end of the game a money is still somewhat speechless as to what we witnessed the ups and downs a ten point lead for Villanova North Carolina crawls back into it looks like they kind of get to a point on the wrong end of a call it said Phil booth to the line yet they're able to tied up with Marcus Paige only to lose it in that way just devastate fashion if you're the Tar heals it was a great game to watch him in both teams fought hard it's one of those games where you know people say nobody deserved to lose this game this is one of those games where it really applies as both teams fought hard and it just so happened that they got a villain over got the ball last was four point seven seconds left in March diaw can know really passed up the ball and made a great basketball play would need to be made and that's just the answer example of an selfishness and that's what you get from seniors who know how to play as opposed to the major you know Semitic some rush minutes sophomore who was not gonna make that play to try make the play themselves goes you know they just don't have the experience I think doubts when you look at we prudent when you look at how these guys Brauer acquired on of these teams you got to bring some glue.