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Listen: "Garry Shandling's doctor refuses to sign death certificate" 

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Stephen J. Boitano
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And I'm just going to say that when I read this headline Gary shaming start to refuses to sign desperate to forget corners office to investigate cause of death I'm going to follow this you know they should okay when he was on the comedians in cars the Seinfeld he said something sort of a headed you know ahead but they see the head of its prime so to speak harbinger that it I prepared I right which was undiagnosed because it mirrors the symptoms of being an older Jewish man you know but Sergeant coffee you get heavy you kind of realize you wanna divorce even know you're not married and he was on an episode where they were talking about the death of Robin Williams and the episode was titled thank God Gary shaming still alive me personally I think you died of a broken heart I think that never got over being betrayed by his manager being smeared going two years of lawsuits being an also ran being so influential but never being Jerry Seinfeld door just being under that cusp and then on top of saying well at least that good friends in good management I'm respected I think that it took camp two decades to finally died from the blow that bred grade dealt him twenty years ago just sayin rest in peace Gary shimmering wherever you are your the funniest most influential most beloved man this is the money Marvez show if I am six forty.