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Pepsi Plans Additional Release Of Limited Edition 'Pepsi Perfect' Sodas 

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Tim Boyle
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You broght to my attention something that i totally miss earlier this week when seen pepsi perfect debacle as i've now come to learn it is being called maybe you can bring people up to speed who may also have missed this entire outraged it happened on the internet the kind of kaman went on a quick second well top seed to commemorate back to the future yesterday word or i'm not sure yesterday and twenty won twenty pit team that was back to the future the day pitied travel to brighten the movie en epstein ed place to protocol pepsi perfect and what that two create excelled in the top five hundred bottles of a look at the perfect in the special beck again and after that operative on the internet on the one in london twenty pit team it the amazoncom and wal mart dot com and they i've could do about two weeks it all in on social media i know it's a lineup is return but i heard yeah meaning there it was via nine man you know and also i serene i also heard so much about the upcoming back to future thing that all blended together i know i shouldn't onto the sites like consumer a step in on a team that in many in week nine eyebrows the web a lot so what happened would be to collect during that i am i decided to right to pr person and find out given the timing if they were going announced i'm was going to be eastern time or pitch today don't mean he was going to be available twelve pm eastern do which is nine pm west coast time so i do media with my drilled cellphone i get it done come on that and righted nine o clock when damage to the children with the wal mart shoulder don't and then i just looking at the twins was a nine pm nine pm granted he didn't get was immediately and this kind of business yeah does this mean really i wanted to heart rio's a busy man night meeting we were it's still a nicer to looking at the twenty two and it in his though both wallboard don release just excelled them by bender bottles forty five minutes early social media win but that are mentioned ok and pepsi the next morning get he said we put more bottles on the they really tried to and played the problem but there were there were some to be a minute i was gaping social media and today i just noticed they did i'm not their sticks tout them five hundred pepsi put the o's will go on sale online.