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Listen: "NFL officials and NFL owners agree to a pair of very interesting rules changes"

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Alex Goodlett
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Take on the Colorado Avalanche that game in Denver conceivably tournaments set to resume this evening with games in the South and West regional in the South Villanova takes on Miami while Kansas clashes with Marilyn in the west regional Oklahoma takes on Texans NM while Oregon battles Duke on the final day of the spring meetings in Florida NFL officials are NFL owners agree to a pair of very interesting rules changes with two thousand sixteen teams will begin from the twenty-five yard line instead of the twenty on kickoffs that result with Touchback in addition owners approve the ruled that result any Jackson's for any players pickup to one Sportsmanlike conduct penalties in the game but rule change it was champion by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell but we have points of emphasis in the past the competition committee they need TD and this was the rules of her teeth to that by the way the players for the most part not in favor of either of those rules change from the ticket update guess I'm Tony Ortiz for more though the nineteen seventy-one to take dot com.