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College Basketball

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Jonathan Daniel
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Right do you know he didn't realize spending college basketball the first dead ball after it just sixteen minutes on the clock and twelve remaining for may take TV timeouts key to realize that yeah it that's almost a given that's the Doan found this could be yeah I'm so I'm going to do but I don't know the logic behind it now has been the guy few wants back the toll as he's never seen a movie since like nineteen ninety-nine movies that was before ninety-nine or something is that when not made before he was born although I found one he has seen the godfather there's very few exceptions very very appealing but that's timing best foolish the offense you know what's on The Wizard of Oz and that's one of the few accept it guys are repente man knowing that rubs sitting there simmering in his roles I'm a bit in syrup in everybody we've been him hard now he does even know why but I'm gonna rip them can you miss the T's I'll tell you I'll tell the nation Ryan asked of the latest supports update with John fast Floyd's play full-time in Kansas moving on to the south regional semi finals next week in lieu of all after a dominant win over you con seventy-three sixty-one the Jayhawks race down to a twenty-four point first half lead Cruz from.