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Listen: Is it was Chris two years ago with a separated shoulder

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Is it was Chris two years ago with a separated shoulder Blake last year with the elbow surgery an once again this year now with the quite injury but is you were indicating earlier they have flourished with those guys out of the lineup with a rifle there's been a lot better then you might expect A team could be missing one of its key superstar so the the rack good Isaac It is impressive so it was 12 and six when Chris went down with a shoulder injury last year nine in six without Blake now up this year for no five a Noel Blake yes that's twenty-six and 12 Cilic I could do the math extremely apprentices ISIS right Hey guess what you 're first among some merit advice all these back great use expect great how are you happy yeah anniversary of their great thanks a lot yeah we we really enjoyed the game tonight we had a great season I find I thought Austin was a really impressive thickly in the second half he did almost everything he shot it seem like and not made some great those two i us it is shooting 55 percent from the field is it nine of his last 17 threes before that it was a good fourteen game stretch He went five with 34 from beyond the arc he he's a streak he player and what he's going to go to the well so those points came when he gave have been decided but clearly he's got it going and it's a good sign great you know I agree with more war was all tonight you Paul Pierce Is he totally healthy they ease a healthy scratch he's is healthy is a thirty eight year old body can be that's been in the league for twenty years he's totally fine talk with Doc Rivers about a before the game he said they knew in the season began that he was getting either miss the game in New Orleans or tonight's game Andy said he won the play in the game against the Pelicans and he did an so he's out tonight it's a nice three-day bring either for five maybe does matter fact before they take on the Portland Trail Blazers great but I wanna wish you Happy anniversary and by doing so many give you a fifty dollar gift card the various tickets to the guys in looked uncomfortable in Iowa so Blake Griffin I think he needs to get a suit that's that's some i just give you a fifty dollar gift card not style Greg you know your wife doesn't come in and say honey how do I look turkeys out what's a never got the Mayo and that's a stick to the facts graves the new style these days is more snow could've suit that looks all the rage in Milan grade into isn't then look comfortable he's on the bench in street clothes he should not what he wants the get out of the floor hopefully he'll be back soon Greg had five a dip Jesse a Michael you're information you get a fifty dug it got a very stick it's Happy anniversary great I mean what what how does not help but no good deed goes on punished Brian I like given this guy a fifty dollar gift card and he's worried about Blake Griffin soon fitting properly let's find the main sources listening on the cover of G que before last season now put a team like the so these guys they did they have their own stylus these people go out and shot I've not on assuming the switch like and some times these people they come up with some really weird things really weird outfits I've seen Really bizarre I did not see Blake said tired about some not commenting on that one but boy Blake was on the cover of G que enough so it wasn't like Spencer pause on Christmas last year there's so many jokes and I know right now where it take a quick break we'll come back Clippers a winners good it'd be cooker one thirty tonight a good time to be a cooker one thirty two ninety nine Clippers over the Philadelphia seventy-six is back with much more publicity overly sports the beast nine eighty in the Clippers radio network ready fur road trip with out the road trip on Amtrak and instead spotting license plate.