'Gung-Ho Situation': WWII Paratrooper Recalls D-Day Airborne Landings

Cpl Norman Swaney of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment talks about parachuting into occupied France on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

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this is what we're here for we're gonna we're going to do it and that was it to you, got everything ready together and it was a gun, duration where we're going in there and just tear things up, they got the green light during the early morning hours of June sixth, the jumped into Normandy was very very peaceful for me, we were, not where were supposed to be, but I come down with virtually no, at weapon Reno Adam in Asia no firing right close to me I could see it off, she between Thracian himself plan, and we could hear a lot of it before reach out, but I come down landed in any field, and it quickly, so delay shoot out of the way, because there were right, and then showed up very well, cut by down, in everything and then ideas heading home, I don't hear of sound and this time for me to move, so we had those little Clippers become the little grabs, for thinks, , we had a couple times, notion of nobody, so I do L., I'm having their run feel and it was one of those field, really Jamal feel with the big Kellen head Heroes, , and so I by laying down on the ground and looking around I could see that there was a Gates, and so, I only got over to the game, and return the gate then with the quicker, but there, here is one of the guys right by the gate, one of my buddies, he said he was afraid to do the clich in afraid to answer like quick, that's when you thought that was gutter throughout the French country side in the course of, I suppose the next Howard, pitch Black, we gathered up, nearly everyone a jump in the plane and I was here, , and it but we came across elite talent, who had never seen before, so where he can drive I don't know, but immediately the lieutenant took over this control of the, of the group and we're going to go he had a match, so they can tell us where we were going unleashing said so, and I don't think you know where we're going either because we're glad to really close choosey, the were Village caroms of which we reliant miles from where reach host the men fought their way to their objective, so it bench Iliad took a two days when we come back to become a but they had already made the objective, but it out of the way within a chorus of going in those two days, we did, home, draft Coverage, , you'd, well for instance, they were going up, roadway, and, with the star in his Rose on both sides and came two one with again, and so you shot, I knew, made a run across because or maybe somebody in the field, , and we all did that, they do run across here, N.Y.I. one of my best but is, who was the last man, he's had heard nobody in a few his walk across in a shining it was the first guy seeing team guy with him, if they needed he winner on across needed to hell I don't have to run across his nobody there, he is shots the