Listen: "The Hawks soared against the Celtics"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Peter Schwartz and we begin with the NBA Playoffs ballpark Stewart against the self but Jeff Teague brings it backup on the left wing this time Jeff to build Al Horford going to shoot the three and it rattled today Al Horford with another three his third of the night was leading eighty-one sixty-three that was the moment on the Hawks radio the Hawks outscore the Celtics twenty-four seven in the opening quarter on their way to an eighty-nine seventy to win it all with a self thinks that landed goes up to games to knot the Al Horford and Karl por Ricky each with seventeen points meanwhile in San Antonio the Spurs beat the Grizzlies ninety-four sixty-eight Antonio with a two nothing seriously Patty Mills sixteen points for the Spurs warriors covering Curry listed as questionable for Game three against the Rockets Thursday because bent injured ankle all memoir I was negative Curry sprained the ankle during D warranted out twenty in Game two the started fifth ticket already earned tackling head coach or a wants him he stays on the agrees to a three year deal now the Stanley Cup playoffs will start in Motown to rely the Red Wings were tied at two late in the third period the point twenty-six of the family right circle Drewett Jonathan Drewett dismissed Hedman said a point go to drop rights open the data you know waning radio minding over the Red Wings three to think New Year three take a three one series lead the Penguins beat the Rangers won in New York in the paint with top two games to one still the Cup champions in trouble Blackhawks lose to the Blues forty-three Saint Louis with a three one series lead the Ducks.