Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer Says 'I Didn't See That One Coming'

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Tom Pennington
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Last night with a big to ohio state put a voting on the brass guy and once again shot of the flare hate don't forget about us on it to overcome them you know motor start from nebraska in their coaches in from the minor you know the early losses in a hard fought over time again last week you have to back gardner james soldiers to wear and tear ohio state's a better football team that was for of admired talking about that win last night fear better football team that of rafter what are the fifty nine points better no branch became it is a top ten three with the country and left getting walloped sixty two to three i know i stayed had the bad night against penn state i know that there's some that believe the buckeyes are ready to fall for i know there's been moments this season where ohio state is not a lot as dominant as we fought and maybe a young team is gone through from growing pains put omaha iowa state to put nebraska through the wood chipper sixty two to three last night makes me wonder is it possible all high oh state is actually a top for a team in that college football playoff but it comes out this week no doubt about it oh miles did against me if you gave is going to be in a big class to pull the few for just two good for not today it's going to live up to the high it's going to live up to the hype because when ohio state is properly motivated him focused like they were last night we can do that to a top ten team of rask is not as good as that ranked would indicate.