Drake's Shout Out to Lou Williams

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Will Jay Cutler and other New York can dish on Jackson fly with the Eagles again vs. P.M. N.F.L. reporter GM Trott are has the latest N.F.L. news Wednesday at eight Eastern with Mike in my on _E_S_P_N Radio when, this to me and to, the other day one eight, and the, you know he'll invited huge in him, and when the NHL, three point one moments of one of the most of it, with challenging obstacles life, and Reggie Wayne run, story Slingshot, man and how the and, one of those families, from, Mark What did with us go, do you do you were they'll you're you're here and on the tight, more and more than, avoidable, job, the manner, stop this time, on wind and relax I'm not Ty spun experience a new level of relaxation I'm not time a size released is that the tea, he finished ahead welcoming you to I'm not Price, the Bears and pony tidy midsize especially in help us so unwind relax on nine I'm not time assigns nine ten east read wrote on Facebook or online at a not Ty spot dot com, going into, your day with Sportscenter Redlegs would stand in the I mean spent the two of us that makes the sport, giveaway the words, I've been told that, that they were a floater special, and you're day on the run, he's everywhere else and I was all sports and Kevin heart years all fired up be here Davis very he did that means a talented that make you can give me on this. Your day on a high, what's entering that withstanding the weeknights one A.M. eastern on the yes P.M., yes, radio, on demand, nba lockdown died, here's the one thing go and I'm I these conversations with people with in the late, and they always Bell them to be to manager, making his work, wherever he elevates, to be position, he needs to be a little listen, I don't know, nba lockdown podcast, listen to it now on _E_S_P_N radio dot com, today we don't college basketball double header, for now, just needs to hit Syracuse, in my for an injury, rich begins at six thirty eastern on the ice be and Radio, sixteenth ranked Wisconsin travels to Columbus to face Ohio State going away weren't is banged coverage begins tomorrow any thirty eastern on yesterday, you know, S P and radio Presented by over highly on oh prides, this is when competition, the entire world, we'll be watching, are you ready for some All-Stars, and a hundred yards go head-to-head with a goal, women's is my Justin Timberlake and then Wilmer and, and John, and for good, with the biggest made the including, , Aaron actually would figures progresses, , absolutely, the on Sunday and be visi, , learned that, from another, Michael gee I don't think he played a good found all may be, , really, this is, just that I know he did say he struck out, yeah, if I could be affected just I don't know. What what I would do but, Mike is trying to transition to a baseball piece of newest Magic Johnson is the president Lakers will get right back to that in his first move your reaction to it eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six, but baseball is trying to update and adapt to the times, and they made a move that to me is just a big day off, they decided that you can hand signal and intentional walk this is not going to change box there are not many of them but I like it because it at least makes total sense and and I've been calling for this kind of move for a long long time where it just makes, no sense to have somebody throw the ball, four times so that somebody can intensely Walker be one big of people actually swinging at those pitches but it's a waste of time and it's a a necessary and easy fix it is and we know the end game with this move in with a lot of the proposed move that we've heard floated out there, is improving the pace of play that's something that Rob Manfred made very clear, that's on the agenda for him, the interesting part to me here is that the comments they don't follow this announcement up, had been pretty clear critical of the union in a way that we haven't really seen in his chat tenure, or in a while here in Major League Baseball Betts been to me one of the highlights for this week is but you have that amicable relationship. Rob Manford coming out said unfortunately now it appears the really won't be any meaningful change for twenty seventeen season due to lack of cooperation, from the end they'll be P yeah, so that, very public shot at the players union no it's not egregious and we don't know what this is going to become a trend, but at least right now that's the first bit of discord that I've seen between those two side and so I feel of no worthy of for no other reason of them that, I like Rob Manfred I like the kind of his Jim, and the things he's trying to get done there and if I was a big baseball fans, I would recommend to to the baseball, nerds out there get on board with what Rob Manfred is proposing even if it doesn't feel right to you even if it doesn't feel natural because he seems to have, the right mind on these things and of course you know become the commissioner majorly baseball fuel of baseball so it's not like this is some you know rope guy who was taking over the sport is going to ruin it for you I like most the ideas I even like the the starting guys on second, idea that that was floated out there and extra innings as well so what we'll see if he's able to get some of these changes across but I think you should be happy that he's trying to make these changes the Lakers make a change bringing in magic Johnson and he has a waste any time. And making a change to the roster might no no matter jobs are to going out there broker in the deal that sent, Lou Williams to Houston we know it's something they did been broached with the Lakers prior to him taking power but one thing that was made very clear yesterday was that as people were searching around and hitting up our own Ramona Shelburne trying to figure out who do we call on the Lakers organization right now to make a deal than it was very much Magic Johnson on the phones making this happen, this out so what we with Magic Johnson on the phone making this deal, in addition all the nother interviews you have a haven't to give credit his role he's working the phones use run in the shell right now, ugly del this trade deadline I know Houston the had engaged the Lakers on this trade several days ago this is you know they did the like and that was several teams about Lou Williams, over the last couple of days because he was one of the best trade targets on the market for a playoff team that needs instead off ends He was having such a good year the Lakers quite frankly had to trade him he was to goodies weighing in too many games and right now the leg organizations of a really needs to make it's main priority to keep it's number one open as number one draft pick that pick is. Only top three protected limbs is so good he was he was he might be shooting them out of that, three pick for the Lakers I did this I like it is mad got his first radii get NE a first round pick, and return now it's not going to be a great one but at least it Psalms value and as Ramona mentioned that the Lakers should not be in the business of being good this year there goal should be to be as as bad as possible where this really comes into play though was the Houston side of things because Lou Williams, known for being a six man I mean, alright out on a Drake song, that as being the six man of the Raptors been around the league but that the guy can get buckets and is one of those guys who can make something happen out of nothing Houston really only had one catalyst to their off fans that being James Harden that's it still be the case but now they have we're just gonna baseball of a bit of a relief pitcher they can go to somebody else when the show, not clock is winding down, can make something happen And they now have that the two, biggest scorers off the bench this year in Eric Gordon and Lou Williams and the Rockets are going all that often, you know, gonna play golden state we're going to try and a half story I mean you always try outscore the opponent that would be a Magic Johnson tweet right we're going to outscore our opponent. But you you you get what I'm saying yeah the only way Houston doesn't be Golden State is of they failed to score as many are more points as the Golden State Warriors so we wait to see if that becomes an option be yeah the Lakers at the don't want him on Lou Williams right now understanding the end game and that that should be encouraging because we've talked about, the idea that, it could be you can make an argument that the impetus for some of these front office moves for the Lakers this clearinghouse, goes back to be lasted Shepard by Mitch Kupchak the Jim boss, acquire Boogie Cousins in the free agent market right now we saw that the Pelicans and of doing that and that being the last grasp of the last dying breath of those two in magic Johnson being very clear that human Genie we're not que again on that decision so you can look at that and say, should the Lakers be in the business of trying to acquire a guy like that at this point or was that just Ben being left out of the decision which I alternately think it was I think it was what rubbed them the wrong way was that they were kept in the dark on that and all that was a very clear divide in the power there or Matthey just said he had nothing to do with any Cousins stuff no I wasn't, than that and so actually while I was at the All Star Weekend I guess that's when they were working on it but they didn't call me in that me you know what. You know they were all for an him work circle no one, is on the Lakers man I really really hope that then not getting Cousins wasn't the impetus for this big makeshift thank is that it, makes it look fly by the CB your pants it makes it look, results oriented and also makes it look like I've been saying, over and over again that the Lakers are obsessed with landing a start if they don't land a star their their failure that's not the way they're going to get back to prominence their their route to prominence is not going to be this this major signing that takes place, but I would imagine the seeds for this where we're sewn awhile back you know I imagine back Johnson probably knew about this when you hit your dad with the Popeye, a week ago and the reports where that after Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson broke up she had dinner with Magic Johnson and that's maybe where this all started you have to imagine these plan perhaps because we settled uncharacteristically mattered Magic came out was very demonstrably of in the fact that he wanted to be calling the shots on the basketball side of things for the Lakers now at the time he said, central he was going on their eyes as as , I believe it was a advisor was going to be his role at the time now but said eventually you want to call those shots. Eventually came soon and we know the G Jean Joe Jim in Genie not them the greatest relationship their sibling was and so maybe this was just the perfect storm or you finally had that guy coming on, and you knew this was the move that you're going to make that their timing lets you read him to certain things, but you can look at that say they made that move he's come on already and made a move in free agency a move that before the trade deadline I should say that indicates that he's not going to be obsessed with just making a splash move for the sake of doing it and that can be the Tony sets going forward every talk about Boogie Cousins well, you know it takes a lot for me to say that I would flex say LeBron James game out of television but hasn't, the Knicks and the Cavs are featured on _T_M_Z tomorrow night, when the NBA returns but I would for the Rockets Pelicans, I don't know if Lou Williams I I would hope you'd be in uniform for that maybe he won't because yes go through his physical and stuff so maybe that would take another game or you'd imagine it's pretty Cousins debut for the Pelicans as well that to me is about a marquee game as you can get coming out of the All-Star Game as possible and for the NBA is spin back into the on court product actual basketball being the focus here we had the mic. Media circus, over the last month a lot of the off the court headlines of listen we still got plenty of time before the trade deadline tomorrow were anything could happen, in this league was some of those high-profile stars but between Magic Johnson getting signed there and some of the actual player moves on one team it's a contender and one team that we wait and see the marriage of two of the league's the right a stars in buddy cousin and Anthony Davis there's a lot to look at your going forward for these teams speaking of on the court product college basket, all tonight Duke Syracuse Oregon California presented by O'Reilly auto parts coverage begins at six thirty P.M. eastern on _E_S_P_N radio _E_S_P_N Radio, dot com and the _E_S_P_N app were first and last every Monday through Friday from four to six you can grab the podcast is that subscribe on I two wins or the _E_S_P_N app as we take yup and so Mike in my can, Mike go junior I'm imagining more talk about Magic Johnson coming up when your dad in Green to take over exactly can remove the pies from the equation this time it is all basketball now with Magic maybe he decided to give those guys I'm inside information in between Pines will have to wait find out, Tim leg level get his analysis coming up at seven thirty Mike in Mike from six to ten coming up next here on _E_S_P_N radio and the _E_S_P_N app. As an entrepreneur you're always on the go so turn your mobile phone into a business phone system with the grass hopper the entrepreneur Stone system and they can receive business calls using our my phone and enjoy gaps get a new business number or keep your current one forward your calls to any phone and even get your voice man, trans cried join over two hundred and fifty thousand small businesses who stayed connected with grass hopper see how it works it grass hopper dot com be entrepreneur Stone system, they're going to kill, I don't tonight what I was doing, the twenty-fourth on nine of workers going through, good group list, now far would you go for long, you still talk, you're doing and you make your mind, is a dangerous, then that is, eagles hold eliciting Jonas with them games Lee Anthony Hopkins all this time, , I mean feeders figuring twenty-four three ppg through team meeting for Patricia we're going to thirteen, , , We'll invited huge William in an final okay three point one moment one around the skeleton boy with challenging obstacles life, Reggie Wayne run, the story Slingshot, man, and how the and, one of those families, from the, Mark What is going to be, do you were the only urgent here on the tight, learn more than thirteen avoidable planned, job Paypal not Department of remember your jeep here I can saying but let's do an inning him, about, the kid is.