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Listen: "The Democratic game is rigged with these super delegates"

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Ethan Miller
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Thing to listen live these people talk about this country and them to try to do each of here we haven't Graham ball and Graham Paul dumb ended up again each other's I don't think it matters the Democratic game is rigged with the super delegates I told you from the get-go that Bernie's not going to be the the rush learned what we d morning's at nine a.m. five ninety this is run it into my friends and walled off top my head stream-of-consciousness thoughts on watching these people go on and on and on about immigration a one of the points they both kept making as late as they pushed the idea of of him that their Republic and anybody also opposes of all they want to do is let up SEATTLE While we can't allow families to be split up by the family is crucial it's a crucial structure and one of the reasons that we should not be de porting anybody here is that we're breaking up an busting up families in is just contra the rush and don't you just how these two people attended Democratic party at one all concerned about the importance.