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Listen: "This is off to the license all the parties moscow based lindor was you're fucked by rushes central bank" AMERICA CHINA TRADE

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Spencer Platt
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And so we're going to start and you know that states where pizza navarro with the donald trump's knew he formed white house an optional trade council according to press release from the president selects that transition team navarro as a university of california of on economics professor on known as a frequent critic of china straight practices national front meet him out independence struggling to race the twenty million euros she needs to fond of the presidential on problem entry campaigns for the paltry in twenty seventeen this is off to the license all the parties moscow based lindor was you're fucked by rushes central bank the national front will not have to find another financial backup and drummond prosecutors have agreed to cooperate with south korean investigators in the such for the daughter of the puck going haza longtime confidant you're a charting is the door trust cox entailed front choice on sale and did is believed to be staying in germany to faces criminal charges for allegedly exporting companies on manipulating state of us global nice twenty four i was a day powered by more than twenty six hundred giannis anonymous in one and one hundred and twenty countries on marcus carson and this is blum back caroline thank you so much marcus us presence of that donald trump is made another appointment his economic team he's going to be a better that's the car on account as a special advisor to help him or the whole federal regulations in attempts to commit to business greiss meanwhile bank of america see i applied monahan is helping bank that the ranking that is lined it's come down on to chum helping businesses he's like exclusively to be bag's david west said about the banks expectations for the economy under a trump administration.