Listen: "Chris Washington decides I need to go to Washington to try something bigger"

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Rob Carr
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Of the season but with a back injury coming back the backcourt started to improve as the year went on an that with what was hurting them for most of the year now there's some some talent there and as long as marked his sticks around and he has no interest really an going anywhere else it's not like Oakley the state football to two which were finally Chris Peterson decide I need to go to Washington to try something Bigger he was perfectly fine being in Pleau can and running that program they're going to stay strong it's not surprising that took on the left in the NBA product is the son of an NBA player you've got the body he got the game and it's perfectly suited for him I got a save my zagged fans out there is they do have a former All pack twelve player Nigel low Williams us right now is out on a transfer your too so that backcourts going to get much improve next year hears Bryan Peterson from Bleacher Report it's NBC Sports Radio NBC Sports Radio dot com well they say often times in the Southward all over the place there's football season in their Spring football season Clemson South Carolina auburn's they have their Spring games.