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College Basketball

Listen: "The Musketeers, who have half dozen of players"

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Andy Lyons
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That and there was a stretch in the first half when J.P. make era hit a couple of threes as the guy comes off the bench but a lit up I really strong stretch their back-to-back turnovers by Avila know the Wildcats turning to triples bye J.P. on the other end and I really love the route was going to go well off so that was a late first half and then in the second half it was foul trouble we don't know back their best player they're really there the bulk of their off edge in the first half picked up his fourth foul went to the bench for quite a while and so the team Correa and it's all offensive style meanwhile you've got this is a very the Musketeers whoever a half-dozen players in double figures and they were the mode the entire game that's what impressed me so much and network crowd can really help home team and de eight in this case outta Kentucky center now granted they Paris tried again this first victory over know but didn't entering the big news conference number one team that's a big deal is well if he didn't get up Friday's game and about good years did but so to defend I don't know that they sat down the entire time and it really sport all in this okay aggressive approach and a word to it worked was eighty R summer League to double team to J.P. matured route on the right side reverse layup it's understood it was painful on the baseline really with a bit of thirty switch to go later in the game and they Bure had the tempo of Lee most all that second hamper roughly that may Carroll was so much fun and I do like the fact that he spent about to travel before too with no regard for his physical health or well-being playing all over the court thank even more and you couldn't help but really be enamored it hedman from there the Russian.