Listen: "Hey, he's a re-bounder and the Mavericks have nightly concerns in that area"

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Chris McGrath
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If you will he you should that but he also gives you a back to the basket game in there he is In his career which stretches how many years ago eleven eleven this a year number eleven 'em how many threes as he made wine right one of the biggest that might've been the clock running down I got heated up here but hey he's a rebounder and the Mavericks have nightly concerns in that area and he'll go inside and play the next question to use David Lee's here and that fortifies the inside game what if Mark are in Minnesota or Joe Johnson in Brooklyn get bought out Mike them the Mavericks no once we signs have nothing but the veteran minimum got minimum but Rockford those guys right so they may well go someplace they can get a little more money and a ring that Kevin Martin is someone that they may think about something Joe Johnson's gone elite I don't know if they're going to Bam out of the Joe Johnson really wants to stay in Brooklyn but Kevin Martin out there and I know the fifth that he has is limitations thus they are the larger smaller than mine that just the little Smolla New York but hey I think you could I think you can go out the perimeter at times one spot on the floor you could you can you can have a somewhat well if he and I were on the floor together you're not opposing coach made big about who did who we go out Yes we don't know about the guy became the Kevin Pillar show hands in the NHL you want the camera him so yeah it's the one as gets bought out and you just try and improve your team and you look at bay believe you look at this roster and no disrespect the John Jenkins at all who they released who would you rather have when your team up in which its it's only getting up and then if you say OK Kevin Martin's being bought out he that the rest of this Ross the that Get Olli villain way to bail good and he's OK.